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Child and Elderly Abuse Assessment †Free Samples to Students

Question: Examine about the Child and Elderly Abuse Assessment. Answer: Presentation: The young lady Jane is very nearly being a grown-up as she is seventeen years and ten months old. She has been living in child care from the age of ten. Before she went to the child care, she was continually mishandled and dismissed by her own relatives (Read and Bentall 2012). Because of this episode, she confronted many negative results throughout her life like learning the board trouble and self-hurt. The casualty has been the subject of maltreatment from the youth. A few investigations demonstrated that the childs age has an immediate impact with disregard and abuse. In the event that a kid turned out to be explicitly manhandled right off the bat throughout everyday life, the individual in question is bound to experience the ill effects of issues. Jane had a similar condition. Along these lines, Jane built up certain issues like learning troubles and self-hurt. Similarly as the vast majority of the survivors, Jane has additionally experienced outrageous passionate disturbance, which drove her to feel disgrace and self-fault (Read and Bentall 2012). As it is been considered that the lady survivor with passionate issue consistently stays in danger of being a casualty as they experience the ill effects of low confidence. Jane ought to go to advising with a suggested advisor threefold every week and follow the medicine of the specialist. Her temporary parents ought to have additionally been steady to her. The non-permanent parents should begin confiding in her with some mindful activity. This will make her to act naturally adequate. This little advances are important to make her autonomous and independent (Karakurt and Silver 2014). A social laborer, a therapist and a medical attendant who has recently worked with a considerable lot of the kid misuse casualties can affirm the appraisal. The young lady, Jane is scarcely a grown-up, with low confidence and learning handicaps the board. The young lady additionally has a past filled with self-hurt. On the off chance that she begins staying autonomously and encounters disappointment throughout everyday life; this will drove her to tension and might be even self destruction. The young lady is as yet not monetarily free, and has learning handicap. She will most likely be unable to deal with the weight (Karakurt and Silver 2014). Jane will require help from a specialist who may endorse her with drugs if necessary. Directing her is a fundamental advance. As indicated by the connection hypothesis, a kid has a characteristic tendency of being genuinely append with others, which causes them to endure. A youngster turns out to be genuinely connected with their relatives from the start. The enthusiastic bond with the relatives and the others encourages the youngster to endure. As a youngster, Jane has endured with carelessness and physical maltreatment from her closest relatives. This drove her to have broken connection with her relatives. At the point when she was at long last placed into child care, she despite everything couldn't make enthusiastic relationship with them. She generally felt that she is separated from everyone else in this world. This uncertain example of connection drives her to have low confidence and tension. End: It tends to be presumed that Jane is currently not fit to be autonomous because of her low confidence, money related reliance and learning incapacities. I would initially do an exhaustive enquiry about the current state of the Tonys family and talk with the chief to gather the data about Tonys family and the kind of abuse that both Tony and his grandma are experiencing. Taking to Mary and Tony would assist me with understanding the degree of the undesirable state of the family. The adjustment in the conduct of Tony is likewise characteristic and causes me to foresee that Tony is being mishandled and encourage him to take required estimation (Van der Kolk 2017). I would initially watch the episodes, and afterward I will do an enquiry altogether to be affirmed about the occurrences. At that point I would talk with the head, instructors just as with Tony. The following stage that I would take is to contact the territorial youngster security office and the neighborhood taxpayer supported organizations and give him the report that I gathered. It would be my obligation to advise that Tony is in a danger of noteworthy damage. At that point I would guarantee that Tony gets the best possible assistance and assurance from the territorial youngster insurance and give them all the essential records the board that is required as a proof (George, and Ferraro 2015). The old are misused and can be abused in various manners. Tonys grandma is likewise experiencing older maltreatment by her child. I would find a way to shield Tonys grandma from any further maltreatment by her child. I would talk about this issue with a lawyer or a confided in companion. I would likewise continue to take a legitimate assistance and educate the staff the whole occurrence. I would likewise give Tonys grandma some data and her activity, which would be useful to her when she would confront misuse once more. I would likewise call for help and report the data that I gathered from the enquiry and I would keep on keeping in touch with her to shield her from any further damage (Eastman, 2013). It is my lawful obligation to educate the nearby kid security office about the experiencing misuse. The enactments that incorporate the kid assurance are separated into two laws, which incorporate common law and criminal law. I would attempt to take gauges by using these laws and shield Tony from any further critical dangers. Tonys grandma was hurt genuinely, which is a criminal offense. I would observe this law and report to the social specialist organizations. It is my critical obligation to illuminate the insights about her condition. This law gives the ability to have a simple access to converse with the person in question and guarantee her wellbeing from any further damage (Cukovic-Bagic et al. 2013). The Principal of the school was stressed over the youngster Tony and his family circumstance. As Tonys father has perpetrated a criminal offense by hitting Mary, the social specialist organizations need to arrest him. Tony and his grandma ought to go to advising meeting with a specialist. This will support the kid and the grandma to develop back their lost confidence (George, and Ferraro 2015). I think Mary is sincerely reliant on Tonys father. Along these lines, Tonys father has underestimated them and has been mishandling them for cash. I for one feel that Tonys father ought to be arrested. As Tonys family has a background marked by sedate maltreatment, his dad likewise may have a fixation or can have numerous addictions. Tonys grandma simply have Tony with her with no help, she figures her child can offer the help to her and Tony. I would think about another way, which is to assess his history of medication misuse. In the event that he ended up being a fanatic, I will assist the family with enrolling him to a recovery service.(Cukovic-Bagic et al. 2013). References: Cukovic-Bagic, I., Welbury, R.R., Flander, G.B., Hatibovic-Kofman, S. also, Nuzzolese, E., 2013. Youngster insurance: lawful and moral commitment in regards to the report of kid maltreatment in four distinctive countries.Journal of measurable odonto-stomatology,31(1). Eastman, M., 2013.Old age misuse: another point of view. Springer. George, L. also, Ferraro, K. eds., 2015.Handbook of maturing and the sociologies. Scholarly Press. Gould, F., Clarke, J., Heim, C., Harvey, P.D., Majer, M. also, Nemeroff, C.B., 2012. The impacts of youngster misuse and disregard on subjective working in adulthood.Journal of mental research,46(4), pp.500-506. Karakurt, G. also, Silver, K.E., 2014. Treatment for youth sexual maltreatment survivors utilizing connection and family frameworks hypothesis directions management.The American diary of family therapy,42(1), pp.79-91. Peruse, J. what's more, Bentall, R.P., 2012. Negative youth encounters and emotional well-being: hypothetical, clinical and essential anticipation suggestions. Van der Kolk, B.A., 2017. This Issue: Child Abuse Victimization.Psychiatric Annals,35(5), pp.374-378.

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Information system Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 1

Data framework - Essay Example The 4.3 billion dollar venture (Dodgson and Gann, 2010) went to ruins dependent on the grounds that inability to foresee the general enormous extension, inability to embrace the dangers of the framework disappointment and inability to anticipate and deal with the vital variables thought, all these prompted the disappointment in the bigger manner bringing about the money related misfortunes just as the validity and brand name misfortune to the British Airways Authority. Anyway when the hour of its initiation showed up, there was an all out mess, frenzy and confusion inside which offered ascend to the doubt that something had turned out badly. Going from the data framework to the fundamental course maps to the essential and basic parking areas alteration, this was missing and individuals were left to their own direction and benevolence to discover the courses and data. The travelers baggage dealing with and the freight armada administrations were the most noticeably terrible without a doubt. The Information framework so consolidated comprised of a Resource Management System that was planned for filling in as a concentrated database, backing and route framework machine. Anyway it neglected to give the ideal outcomes and it experienced number of inadequacies as far as the ongoing tasks and the reconciliation of the various parts of the terminal and air terminal activities(Pryke, 2009, 127). Data frameworks have become the true gauges towards improvement of a progressively modernized system of activities and framework works .The British Airport Authority that had intended to create Terminal 5, additionally had put forth attempts for the foundation of data framework. This data framework was set up as Resource Management System( R.M.S). the reason for existing was for keeping the people’s passage flawless and other online data assets and vault that would help the clients finding the related data in an auspicious way. Sadly the Information framework

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How to Resize an Image inside Blogger Blog Post

How to Resize an Image inside Blogger Blog Post Image resizing is very important for organizing Blog content. If we just add image without any organized way then the Blog post won't look very attractive. Suppose if you add an wide landscape image without any resizing then your Blog Post image may go outside or the margin. So in this case we can resize image easily without any help of Photo Editing software. Some Blogger tweak their Blog Image for maintaining higher resolution. First they upload an large image and then resize then into large or medium size. This strategy works great and Image will be more clear. But if you upload an small image and resize it to large or Ex-large then your image quality will be inferior. Because of lower resolution image will become blur or hazy. So we should always add bit larger image than actual image which we will resize on our Blog's post editor manually. Anyway Just follow the below steps for resizing an Blog post image easily. Step 1Log in to your BloggerAccount and Go to yourBloggerDashboard Step 2Click on Now click on-New postand Upload an image. Step 3Now Click on Image from Blogger Post editor. A popup image Toolbar will visible. Step 4 You will see 4 option at the left of the toolbar Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and Original size link. Step 5 Now click on any option Small or Medium or Large or X-Large you will see the size is changing on Blogger post Editor panel. So select appropriate one that fit your post. And finally Publish your post. So that's all about resizing image in Blogger Blog post. However if you use Photo Editing software then you can resize image first and then upload it. In that case select Original size link thus your image can display original size. In my Blog I have created a featured image layout which will be same size 600px width and 200px height. For this reason whenever I add this image then I choose Original size link. Though my Blog's content wrapper width is 800px for this reason I can use more width image here. I hope you will now easily resize image without any hindrance.

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Of Mice And Men And The Stranger Analysis - 831 Words

Of Mice And Men And The Stranger In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the brotherhood and the characters work together to fulfill a dream. George and Lennie are hard working men looking for a job and they are dedicated to get their own land. George and Lennie have faith in succeeding, dreaming about what they are going to do in the near future. While In â€Å"The Strangers† by Albert Camus, human existence in life does not matter. Meursault acts like he doesn’t really have a life goal and just goes with the flow of life. Meursault is just a passive, insensitive, and a non-religious character that is clueless to what is happening around. These characteristics make him more towards to a externalism character. In â€Å"Of†¦show more content†¦In â€Å"Of Mice And Men† felt loneliness or isolation once in the novel because everyone was by themselves and had no family to talk too. Everyone had one goal and that was to have money and wealth so they can have a American dream just l ike George and Lennie. In â€Å"The Strangers† the theme is an individual life has no rational meaning or order. Albert Camus uses the word and actions of Meursault to show how an individual does not care about life. He creates the character as a passive and things come upon him. The quote in â€Å"The Strangers†, â€Å"To another question [the director of the home] replied that he had been surprised by my calm the day of the funeral. He was asked what he meant by calm. The director then looked down at the tips of his shoes and said that I hadn’t wanted to see Maman, that I hadn’t cried once, and that I had left right after the funeral without paying my last respects at her grave†, This quote shows that Meursault doesn’t even have any emotion for his mother’s death and when he’s at the funeral, he act like a normal being, just moving on as it just happened. Meursault is really insensitive to things happening around him, he believes life will move on and everyone will die later on in life. Meursault watches a girl get beat and doesn’t do anything about it because he does not care and he beats the girls to. When he goes to jail for killing an Arab, he is sentenced to death but it doesn’t matter to him as he imagineShow MoreRelatedShould Smoking Be Banned Public Places?941 Words   |  4 Pagesof lung cancer and laryngeal cancer in men, a probable cause of lung cancer in women, and the most important cause of chronic bronchitis ( According to a retrospective analysis of data from 192 countries approximately 21,000 deaths of lung cancer could be attributed to second hand smoking (Pallis, et al. 494). Emphysema is another smoking related disease, which is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Studies have been conducted in mice to correlate the serum cotinine level withRead MoreOf Mice And Men Rhetorical Analysis1458 Words   |  6 Pages Of Mice and Men Rhetorical Analysis Adrian Blackstone Mrs. Adkins AP Lang Comp 3/5/15 In 1929 the effect of The Great Depression echoed throughout The United States. Forcing many farmers to sell their farms and give up on their pursuit of the widely sought after American Dream. Although in third person Steinbeck centers the novella around the two main characters George, and Lennie. Using strong rhetorical strategies such as diction, imagery, novel structure, and literary devices. SteinbeckRead MoreSummary Of Of Mice And Men 2276 Words   |  10 PagesKratin Kumar Period 2 Mrs.Maude 4/17/15 Of Mice and Men Homework Assignments Chapter One I. Interpreting Meaning 1. In Of Mice and Men, Lennie Small is a large, lumbering man who acts like a child. What makes him a child is that mentally he is challenged. Because Lennie has a mental disability, he is dependent on George for all his needs. George is a well-fit human being while Lenny is disabled, causing George to be in charge of Lennie. The disabled one does not manipulate the knowledge one, butRead MoreHow Steinbeck creates sympathy in Of Mice and Men1338 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Steinbeck creates sympathy in Of Mice and Men. Discuss in relation to one character Of Mice and Men is a novella set on a ranch in the Northern western state of California written by Californian novelist John Steinbeck and then published in the late 1930’s. Set in the time of The Great Depression and The nationwide effective Wall Street Crash the book features characters all around who have depressing lives but focusing in on two paradoxical characters that are always juxtaposed to one anotherRead MoreOf Mice And Men By Lora Colon1750 Words   |  7 PagesJunna Chen Peterson Honors English 25 September 2015 Of Mice and Men Analysis â€Å"But, I m already resigned to this fate / Looking over my life, I recall / If it hadn t been / for the loneliness / I d have no companion at all. † This stanza from â€Å"Loneliness†, by Lora Colon evokes the negative impact a lonely fate has on a person. Words like â€Å"resigned† and â€Å"loneliness† establish a sense of depression and resignation. During the times of the Great Depression, many people felt similar feelings of melancholyRead MoreSummary Of Of Mice And Men 3409 Words   |  14 Pages Nesterenko 1 Polina Nesterenko Language Arts 1A Honors 12 July 2015 AP One Sheet 1. Title of Work: Of Mice and Men 2. Author and Date Written: John Steinbeck, 1937 3. Historical Context: The novel â€Å"Of Mice and Men† was written during the Great Depression. The book was written in 1937, which was when the growing economy reached a decline worse than the one before. â€Å"Brightening economic prospects were dashed in 1937 by a deepRead MoreSummary Of Of Mice And Men Essay2240 Words   |  9 PagesQueenie Lau Mrs. Moskovitz English IH- Period 5 20 May 2016 Of Mice and Men Ap Book Report 1. Title of Work: Of Mice and Men 2. Author and Date Written: The book â€Å"Of Mice and Men† was written in 1937 by John Steinbeck, which was during the Great Depression in the 1930s. The Great Depression caused many to lose their jobs and their homes in a short period of time. Few were rich during this time and those who had no money starved. Approximately 25% of people during the Great Depression had no jobsRead MoreVoltaires Use Of Distortion1620 Words   |  7 Pagesdoes he succeed in â€Å"mak[ing] people see†? In other words, how did Voltaire incorporate distortion in order to make his readers see or think about the world differently? Provide a focused claim with well-chosen textual evidence in support of your analysis. Voltaire uses the literary device of distortion throughout his novel Candide. By exaggerating and satirizing the adventures of the characters, Voltaire successfully illuminates his underlying ideas about the tyranny and persecution by the eliteRead MoreMarketing Anlaysis of Shangri-La Hotel4148 Words   |  17 Pages10 4.2.2 Marriott 11 4.2.3 7 Days 11 5.0 Product Analysis 12 5.1 Product category 12 5.2 Type of product 12 5.3 Three levels of product 12 5.3.1 Core product 12 5.3.2 Actual product 13 5.3.3 Augmented product 13 5.4 Branding and strategies 14 5.4.1 Brand positioning 14 5.4.2 Brand name selection 14 5.4.3 Brand sponsorship 14 5.4.4 Brand development 14 5.5 Packaging 15 5.6 Labelling 15 6.0 Target Market Analysis 15 6.1 Market segmentations 15 6.1.1 PsychographicRead MoreThe Conceptual Foundations Of Psychology2268 Words   |  10 Pagesdevelopment of psychology as a science (Leahey, 2004). Behaviourism didn’t go without its criticisms. Specifically, it was the criticisms of Skinner’s radical behaviourism that led to the cognitive revolution. His account was also heir to Darwin’s analysis of evolution that variant traits in species influence likelihood of survival, because according to Skinner, an organism is constantly producing variant forms of behaviour, and those that lead to favourable consequences are reinforced and learned

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All About the Ancient Roman Family

The Roman family was called familia, from which the Latin word family is derived. The familia could include the triad with which we are familiar, two parents and children (biological or adopted), as well as slaves and grandparents. The head of the family (referred to as the pater familias) was in charge of even adult males in the familia. See Jane F. Gardners Family and Familia in Roman Law and Life reviewed by Richard Saller in The American Historical Review, Vol. 105, No. 1. (Feb. 2000), pp. 260-261. Purposes of the Roman Family The Roman family was the basic institution of the Roman people. The Roman family transmitted morality and social status across generations. The family educated its own young. The family tended its own hearth, while the hearth goddess, Vesta, was tended by state priestess called Vestal Virgins. The family needed to continue so that dead ancestors could be honored by their descendants and connections made for political purposes. When this failed to be motive enough, Augustus Caesar offered financial incentives to families to breed. Marriage The wife of the pater familias (the mater familias) might have been considered part of her husbands family or part of her natal family, depending on the conventions of the marriage. Marriages in Ancient Rome could be in manu in the hand or sine manu without the hand. In the former case, the wife became part of her husbands family; in the latter, she remained tied to her family of origin. Divorce and Emancipation When we think of divorce, emancipation, and adoption, we usually think in terms of ending relationships between families. Rome was different. Inter-familial alliances were essential for garnering the support needed for political ends. Divorces could be granted so that partners could remarry into other families to establish new connections, but the family connections established via first marriages need not be broken. Emancipated sons were still entitled to shares of paternal estates. Adoption Adoption also brought families together and allowed continuity to families that would otherwise have no one to carry on the family name. In the unusual case of Claudius Pulcher, adoption into a plebeian family, led by a man younger than himself, allowed Claudius (now using the plebeian name Clodius) to run for election as tribune of the plebs. For information on the adoption of freedmen, see The Adoption of Roman Freedmen, by Jane F. Gardner. Phoenix, Vol. 43, No. 3. (Autumn, 1989), pp. 236-257. Familia vs. Domus In legal terms, familia included all those under the power of the pater familias; sometimes it meant only the slaves. The pater familias was usually the oldest male. His heirs were under his power, as were the slaves, but not necessarily his wife. A boy without a mother or children could be a pater familias. In non-legal terms, the mother/wife could be included in the familia, although the term usually used for this unit was domus, which we translate as home. See Familia, Domus, and the Roman Conception of the Family, by Richard P. Saller. Phoenix, Vol. 38, No. 4. (Winter, 1984), pp. 336-355. Household and Family Religion in Antiquity, edited by John Bodel and Saul M. Olyan Meaning of Domus Domus referred to the physical house, the household, including the wife, ancestors, and descendants. The domus referred to the places where the pater familias exerted his authority or acted as dominus. Domus was also used for the dynasty of the Roman emperor. Domus and familia were often interchangeable. Pater Familias vs. Pater or Parent While pater familias is usually understood as head of the family, it had the primary legal meaning of estate owner. The word itself was usually used in legal contexts and required only that the person be able to possess property. The terms usually used to denote parenting were parens parent, pater father, and mater mother. See Pater Familias, Mater Familias, and the Gendered Semantics of the Roman Household, by Richard P. Saller. Classical Philology, Vol. 94, No. 2. (Apr. 1999), pp. 182-197.

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Is Competition The Best Amount Of Competition For Our...

Have a minute or two? Good, sit down and relax. Because while reading this it may take a few minutes just to change your opinion about competition. Competition could build character, but on the downside, it could leave someone with low self esteem or business competing against another to knock out that business to increase its own sales while taking away jobs from others. Being competitive could cause a person blind to notice another person’s point of view. In the article â€Å"The Case Against Competition,† Alfie Kohn states that competition stands for that particular person or group can succeed, if and only if, everybody else must fail while doing an activity. â€Å"The best amount of competition for our children is none at all† (Kohn). Furthermore, being competitive may bring low self-esteem because if a child isn’t particularly great in a sports other children in the same sport may identify him or her as not being useful or trying hard enough; Anothe r way a child could harbor thoughts that he or she must win to make others proud such as, friends, coaches, companion, and family. For an example, in the article, The Case Against Competition, Alfie Kohn had spoken to a young boy, Kyle, who started to play tennis at a young age, but when Alfie heard a question that was asked directly to Kyle during the end of the show, â€Å"someone in the audience asked him how he felt when he lost. Kyle lowered his head and in a small voice replied, ‘Ashamed.’† (Kohn) A child may observe or think that,Show MoreRelatedThe Performance Of The Professional Sports Entertainment Market Will Have A Larger Pool Of Great Athletes1441 Words   |  6 Pagestraits taught through competition. These workers will never push themselves and expect to be rewarded solely for showing up to work. The professional sports entertainment market will also have a smaller pool of great athletes to choose from which leads to more teams not performing at a high enough level with cities losing teams and athletes losing jobs. The concept of teamwork will slowly disappear leaving a trail of individualistic yet equal members of society. Competition and fair play are losingRead MoreSuccessful Learning Experiences for Students924 Words   |  4 Pagessystem for students. Experimenting with the main contradictory methods of pure cooperation versus pure competition has provided answers. Cooperation offers a deeper understanding of material and concepts, as individual’s minds bring diverse views, which can be incredibly valuable to a group discussion. Competition intensifies and motivates students to study material in order to receive the best possible grade, but this method often results in mere memorization rather than genuinely absorbing newRead More401 Games As A Successful Business836 Words   |  4 Pageshas a wide variety of customers due to extensive amount of diverse games that are offered in their store. When analyzing 401 Games as a whole, we decided on two determining variables and one qualifying variable for the best target market. We chose buying behavior and loyalty status as our two determining variables. For our qualifying variable, we selected location. We broke buying behavior down into two categories, entertainment and competition. The entertainment segment includes board games andRead MoreChild Beauty Peageants Essay1311 Words   |  6 Pagesit is not odd to see beauty pageant competitions all around the world. Atlantic City was the first to introduce beauty pageant in the 1920s. The world of pageantry was introduced when the business owner need a source of attraction for tourists after Labor Day. This business started with swimming suit competition and later added as the years passed by. In the 1950s, pageantry became famous when it was aired on television. However, in the 1970s, this competition received negative press due to the FeministRead MoreEssay On Fairly Price For Free College1254 Words   |  6 PagesA Costly Price For Free College A world where currency is obsolete, everything is without a price, and every action has no reaction. What may sound like a dream now could possibly be the future for our families. A world where our children let their college degrees wither away while they work a minimum wage job because that was all that was hiring. A world where the American economy drives into the ground because we are drowning in national debt faster than anyone can bail the water out. To liveRead MoreSports As A Young Age843 Words   |  4 Pagesthan just how to throw a football or shoot a puck, sports have the power to teach a child how to become an adult. Children who are involved in sports at a young age are taught many necessary traits in life. Sports can impact their life and teach them competition, respect and responsibility. Three very valuable traits any man or woman will need in their life. Without sports, children miss out on a valuable experience to learn lifelong traits at a young age. My Dad was a high-school phenom at hockeyRead MoreThe Issue Of Inequality In Harrison Bergeron By Kurt Vonnegut1205 Words   |  5 PagesAssessing our world now, many would believe that is the best time to be alive. More and more people are given the basic needs to survive with a dramatic poverty reduction. Compared to a century ago, individual freedoms and democracy have drastically grown. Rights for all people was once unthinkable, but it is now a cultural norm. Yet humanity still suffers from daily inequalities that leave victims of our system with no possibilities. Maybe nature is survival of the fittest, only letting people withRead MoreThe Freedom Of School Choice Essay1067 Words   |  5 Pagesyour education should be a greater concern in Pennsylvania. Our nation has prided itself upon its legacy of liberty, as well as the many opportunities it has been able to provide for its citizens. And yet our government has been continuously denying us one very important freedom that all in America should have, the freedom of school choice. You would think that more people would be concerned with this infringement upon human rights. While our government is striving to give more â€Å"freedom† to homosexualsRead MoreThe Importance Of Money On Money1074 Words   |  5 Pagesbillion was spent this summer in the Premier League, breaking last summer’s record for the sixth consecutive year, instead of investing that money in youth. The â€Å"major† clubs from each league are using their financial strength to kill off the competition in their leagues. Would you like your local players being raided by money giants? Not only are transfer fees ruining football, but skyrocketing ticket prices are also having the same effect. I know I’m not the only one who fears for the currentRead MoreAnalyzing Personal Conflict Management Styles1619 Words   |  7 Pagesconflict styles and how to apply the rules and principles associated with the style you may be dealing with. In this paper I will analyze three of the five management styles discussed in the textbook Communication in Small Groups. Avoidance and competition are two styles that I believe have the greatest effect on hindering a group or team from accomplishing its goals. Collaboration, however, is a style that I believe is most effective in assisting a team in attaining its goals. This is a style that

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Macroeconomics for Turbotrain Grande Vitesse- myassignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about theMacroeconomics for Turbotrain Grande Vitesse. Answer: Under the concept of consumer behavior, two goods can be used as substitute if they can fulfill the same utility of a consumer. Hence, a consumer has option to choose any one product among all alternative ones (Furrer et al., 2016). If the price of one commodity increases, the demand of its substitute good increases, as well. Air travel is used to move from one place to another within short time. High-speed rail (HSR) services are used as substitute to air travel. Some instances of well-known HSR services are Shinkansen in Japan, Turbotrain Grande Vitesse in France and Intercity-Express in Germany (Albalate, Bel Fageda, 2015). People can choose any one mode of transportation, as both offers high-speed transport facility. Increasing fare of air transport can decrease its demand, which in turn can increase the demand for high-speed rail. The concept of complementary good has occurred, when two goods are consumed in conjunction. Hence, by consuming a product individually, a consumer cannot receive any utility (Hecking Panke, 2015). Thus, increase in price of one product can decrease the demand of its associated product while the opposite reaction can also be occurred if the price of one commodity increases. The chief complementary good for regular air travel is petrol (Mattioli Anable, 2017). Hence, the price of air ticket can be increased if the petrol price has increased significantly, which in turn can decrease the demand of air travel. Figure 1: Impact of complementary price increase Source: (created by author) In the above figure, petrol price has decreased by P0 P1 unit, which in turn has helped an airline company to buy more petrol at lower price. Hence, the price of airline ticket can decrease which further can increase the demand of air travel. The shifting of airtravel demand curve from D0 to D1 represents this phenomenon. References: Albalate, D., Bel, G., Fageda, X. (2015). Competition and cooperation between high-speed rail and air transportation services in Europe.Journal of transport geography,42, 166-174. Furrer, M. A., Roth, B., Kiss, B., Nguyen, D. P., Boxler, S., Burkhard, F. C., ... Studer, U. E. (2016). Patients with an orthotopic low pressure bladder substitute enjoy long-term good function.The Journal of urology,196(4), 1172-1180. Hecking, H., Panke, T. (2015). The global markets for coking coal and iron oreComplementary goods, integrated mining companies and strategic behavior.Energy Economics,52, 26-38. Mattioli, G., Anable, J. (2017). Gross polluters for food shopping travel: An activity-based typology.Travel Behaviour and Society,6, 19-31.